SPG  Features are "User Driven"

Did You Know? 

What this means is, when the SPG community has a suggestion, we listen

Have a feature idea?


Each week, we sit down and determine priority for suggestions we receive. We then send them out to our users for a vote.


Feature suggestions with the most votes determine priority for the suggested feature.  


Simple as that. 


All Proceeds Go To Continued Development

StagePlot Guru is 100 percent privately funded. 

Apple takes a share of every sale, whatever is leftover, goes right back into the development. All proceeds are used toward costs to keep our doors open and pay our hard working team. 


              Here's how you can help us 



            Two Facts You Should Know First-


                      FACT  #1

                 Development of

                    SPG is 100%

                     User Driven



#2 100% of proceeds go right back into development and operating costs. 

A User Driven App

What this means is, when our users make a suggestion, we listen.  Have a feature idea? Tell us. We put it to a vote to our thousands of users worldwide. The features with the most votes determines development priority. Simple as that. 


Proceeds Go Right Back

 Since the inception of this application, we've made a point to to focus on our customers, NOT our "bottom line". Everything we make goes right back into the app, and costs to keep our doors open. 

To top it off, SPG costs only a small one-time fee to our users. No subscription, No additional in-app purchases.  

Guess what!? (Apple takes one-third right off the bat). We've done our best to keep the price-point manageable for everyone, and still keep our doors open. We believe this will be a win/win for everyone.

And here is exactly how YOU can help make this better. 

#1)  SPG Development Fund -

Every little bit helps.


We have "bootstrapped" StagePlot Guru since day 1.

While we have always taken suggestions, this will be the first time we have accepted donations for development. 

Here's How It Works-

If you have a PayPal, and can help out with even a $1 donation, we will keep it in our development fund and every penny will go toward our next release.


Fill out a feature request form (optional), and send your donation via paypal. . 

High dollar contributions of $2000 (usd)+, coupled with realistic development expectations will receive the highest priority and attention. 

*If you donate a minimum of $2000, and we are unable to develop your request to SPG, we will issue a refund of donation, or you can apply it to a different idea or help fund a future feature. There are, of course many limitations to what can be done to this particular application. See Details For More.


However, high dollar contributions are welcome but certainly not necessary.


Even if you can contribute $1, we can assure, it will go to great use!  

#2 Leave Us A Great (5 star) Review On The App Store

If you think your review doesn't matter to us, think again. Reviews on the app store are everything. But here's the deal, the app store is extremely limited when it comes to communicating with our customers. We wish this wasn't the case. For example, if someone leaves us a 1-star review, we have no way of directly contacting that user to find out how can help them. We can only respond as a general response on the app store and hope that user sees it. So, there's no way for us to really troubleshoot issues directly through that avenue. That is why we always suggest to contact us directly if you have any questions or issues. This way we can actually talk to you directly and help you.  While we aren't asking our users to lie about their experience with SPG, we also want our users to filter their requests directly through us, so we can address them.