Active Media Production Group


Development Team

CEO- Active Media Production Group- CJ Burton

CJ Burton- CEO

Among being busy as a professional Drummer, CJ is the "idea" Guru behind Active Media Production Group & StagePlot Guru for iPad, which he began in 2012 after wrapping up touring with Air Supply. CJ primarily works behind the scenes overseeing the "big" picture of the company. He loves to dedicate his time to anything music related, and has a passion for blending Arts and Technology development.  

Senior Operations Manager- Active Media Production Group- Dr. Carol Lynn Curchoe

Dr. Carol Curchoe- Senior Operations Manager

Dr. Curchoe is a force to be reckoned with. Among holding a PHD in Science, as well as a diverse career in the field, she is equally passionate about technology and app development. Carol is in charge of day-to-day management of Active Media Production Group, including direct customer tech support for AMPG's flagship app, StagePlot Guru for iPad. Carol loves all things Science and most of the time can be seen with a book in her hand and a huge smile on her face! 

Senior Programmer- Active Media Production Group

Monish Bansal-Senior Programmer

Monsish leads the programming team of AMPG and is a consummate, creative, dedicated and knowledgeable professional. Monish has successfully developed many applications from start to finish and is the "details" guy for AMPG, including solution operations/management for StagePlot Guru for iPad.  In addition to his Senior Programmer status, Monish is AMPG's Global Operations Consultant, facilitating all worldwide iOS development for the company.

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