Our First Annual

$2,500 SPG Music Matters Award

will be announced on June 1st, 2021

 to one qualified applicant.

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About the Award




We are very excited to unveil The First Annual $2,500 SPG Music Matters Award.

At StagePlot Guru, we recognize the impact the current situation has had on musicians and artists globally.


Apply within today for an application review to be the recipient of the

$2,500usd Music Matters Award from StagePlot Guru.


We're seeking candidates working to achieve their goals in the arts.

Maybe you need to finish making that album, or perhaps need to buy more supplies or studio gear.


Consider nominating yourself or perhaps you know someone who you feel deserves this award.

How To Apply

1.) Proceed to the application, and answer all questions as thoroughly as you can.

2.) Submit application & review fee via secure checkout.

why is there a review fee?


what is secure checkout?

What We're Seeking

Applying for the SPG Music Matters Award  is simple.  In the story section of the application, tell us about you or the person you're nominating. 


Be Yourself

It's not necessary to be too formal or corporate sounding.

If you can write in English, this is best, but not necessary. Although great use of language makes your message clear, we aren't judging your grammar or writing style. :-)  Keep it simple.


Convey Your Passion

We want to hear your accomplishments, your hopes, dreams and in what ways you would use this award.

Our panel is looking for people with a passion for what they do.  

Share Your Story

Selection Process


  The process is determined in 3 rounds before the final selection is made. (only 1 application is required per person.).

Each application receives an opinion of value score from 1-10 based on, thoroughness, sincerity, need, your story, and use of award if you win.


In round 1, each description category is worth 2 points to add up to 10.

Applications are distributed to each of our judges in sequence.The review panel have been selected based on extraordinary music industry qualifications and record and each application is thoroughly reviewed.


 Preliminary Applications that score at least a "6" will advance to the next round.

1st Advancement- 3 (more if tied) Applications in this round will be chosen with emphasis on "need and use of award"

Final  Judges will meet to discuss, and place a panel vote based on the best fit. 


*Only finalist will be notified. Rejected applicants won't be contacted. If at any time our judges need

clarification on an item, you may be contacted via the contact provided.

3 Rounds




Must Be 18 or Over

No Purchase Necessary

Nominees must be in the arts and entertainment industry and devote at least 50 percent of their lives devoted to teaching, creating, composing music or something else that contributes to the arts.

Must not be personally affiliated with SPG, management or AMPG.



Review and Terms

The recipient of this award is NOT:

determined  by random chance, by means of a random drawing, sweepstakes, lottery, or gambling.

Absolutely no purchase is necessary to win.


By submitting an application the recipient understands the award is based on the selection

criteria, and the biased opinion of the review panel board and process as outlined.

Scores are not determined in any way by race, ethnicity, gender.


Applications with inflammatory language based on hate, racial opinions or applications that

indicate ill will toward any member

of the human race will be immediately disqualified.