StagePlot Guru FAQ's



We have a vast array of video tutorials available to use SPG if at any time you have any questions. Please visit our videos section.

Support and Updates

We have many ways you can reach out to us if needed. The best way for tech support is to email us at We WILL answer you, your ability to use SPG effectively is the utmost priority to us. Please be sure to read all FAQ's to make sure your answer isn't already available to you. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube @StagePlotGuru. You can reach out to us directly on FB messenger as well as live Chat on this

Push Notifications

We send out push notifications to notify you of any upcoming changes, tips or known bugs. We highly recommed you accept push notifications from us to stay up to date.


App is crashing.

Here is a checklist of possibilities why your app could be crashing. Check the following: 1.) Make sure you have the latest iOS version installed from the app store. 2.) Make sure you have the latest version of SPG installed. Check in app store for updates. 3.) If you are using FB login and your username has a special character, it can crash the app. The solution is to change your username with no special characters, or use manual login. 4.) If none of the above solutions work, try reinstalling using a solid internet connection. Sometimes if there is a disruption in signal while downloading, it can cause a data transfer interruption. Please contact customer support if none of the above apply:


All Refunds are issued through Apple. Please let us know why you are refunding so we can improve @ Go Here for ( steps to get refund).

Is StagePlot Guru available on Android or Desktop?

Not at this time, but stay tuned!

Who are you?

We are an app design company focused on space planning apps for the entertainment industry. StagePlot Guru is our flagship product. It was conceived, by touring/professional drummer- CJ Burton. Carol Curchoe is in charge of day-to day operations overseeing tech team and support.

I have an improvement or feature suggestion.

Great! We love feedback. Please let us know what you have in mind @

I have a prop request.

If you need a specific instrument, microphone, console, light, soundboard, platform etc, please let us know. Tell us the Name of the requested item and attach a picture to your email. @

Can I try StagePlot Guru for free?

Absolutely! StagePlot Guru is free to download. We include a demo stage with functionality, so you can see if SPG is a good fit. If you love it, upgrade for a one time fee of $7.99 USD. But, there is absolutely no obligation.