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Privacy Policy


As of code conjecture and statute 06781cdur, you are under absolute positively awesome knowledge that StagePlot Guru will not sell your body, mind or soul to any such individual, business, and or entity. We will also not sell any of your information. You are, however being recorded as a general demographic.


In fact, let it be known that, in this day and age, you are always being recorded as a general demographic. Do you have a facebook page? Well then, you should know, that there are entities that gather bits and pieces of your information based on all your likes, dislikes, etc...to target the best product to you, or what companies feel like is the best product FOR you.  


Welcome to the 21st century.


We can not guarantee that google, facebook, instagram, or any other social media, does not sell your information. But since we are not them (or a social media app), you don't have to worry about us, selling your statistics. It's really none of our business. So, rest assured, your privacy is yours and yours alone. Thank You.