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0:07 Let's Build A Stage!


0:19 Customize Settings


0:27 Select Props From Categories


0:38 Position & Size Props


0:51 Duplicate/Delete Props


1:01 Create Input, Equipment & Notes Lists


1:18 View Prop Info by Tapping "i"


1:24 View Individual Lists In Readout Windows


1:34 Option To Enter Prop Info in SideBar


1:40 Give Props A Custom Name!


1:47 Add Text Directly To Stage


1:56 Select Font Color


2:04 Select Font Style


2:09 Drag & Drop To Reorder


2:20 Share, Save Or Print


2:30 Share Any Part Of Your StagePlot As A PDF


2:53 Share Via Airdrop, Save To Folder Or Dropbox


3:01 Store Unlimited Stage Plots in "My Stage Plots"


3:10 Securely Backup Data To SPG Database


3:28 Contact Us

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