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The Ultimate Video Camera For Musicians- Zoom Q2n

Power Adapter Recommended

Zoom is largely known for their great quality audio recording devices such as the ZoomH4n Pro.

Through the years Zoom has managed to make a great name for their brand, by expanding their technology to cameras and other accessories.

Admittedly, when Zoom first released the earlier versions of the Q2n, the models had some much needed work. But these cameras have evolved into something, that is a must have for every musician, as they are essential and useful.

Whether you are teaching lessons, making live music videos, or just simply recording yourself for reference, the Zoom Q2n has all the features that you need, packed up in this easy to use device. The camera contains HDR technology and records UHD 4K video at 30 fps or 1080p60 HD video as MOV files onto microSD cards.

It's quite versatile with lighting options as well with five wide to tele field of view (FOV) settings and twelve preset lighting scenes for optimal exposure .

Just want to record the audio? You're in luck- The built-in X/Y stereo condenser microphones with 120dB SPL handling, can also record in Audio-Only mode .


The Q2n Bundle featured above comes with the following:

It's currently on sale here for a price tag $241 usd. Note: at the time of this review this is the lowest we've seen this particular bundle.

A couple things to point out.

One major complaint with this camera is the fact that the batteries have very minimal lifespan. We can confirm, this is indeed the case. In just 4 hours of filming, the batteries, indeed will likely need recharging. Fortunately there is a battery charger that comes with this bundle, which is useful.

However, our recommendation is to not count on the batteries for longer than a couple hours and ALWAYS use a power cord extension if you possibly can. There's nothing worse than being in the middle of a shoot, and have the camera die.

The extension seen below needs to be purchased separately. The one you'll need is right here below. Trust us when we say, you will not regret adding this to your Zoom package right from the start.

It will save you much time and frustration.

Or....If you would like to reduce the price tag a little, you can always buy the single camera here for $219, then add accessories later.

Whether you get the above bundle or the single camera, there are two accessories that we've found very useful, if not, essential. The first one is tripod stand to mic stand adapter as shown here:

You'll be able to connect this right to the camera and place it on any mic stand that has a clip. Even better if you have a boom stand, that way you can literally get any angle you want.

And lastly the other essential accessory you definitely need is a handy carrying case for your Q2n. This is something you will be happy you purchased, as it will not only protect your camera, but provide a nice place to put your accessories. There are many options of camera cases available, but preferably, you'll probably want a hard case to be sure it protects your camera.

We hope this has been helpful for you when considering a purchase of a video camera. You won't be sorry you purchased the Zoom Q2n. Happy filming!



Zoom Q2n Bundle Pack



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