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Our Story.....

CJ Burton- Creator of StagePlot Guru

     Long before I became a professional musician, as a 7 year old boy, I remember being quite fascinated with computers.


I can recall sitting down at one of the first versions of a Macintosh, having the feeling that something amazingly powerful was at my fingertips.


Fast-forward several years later, we now live in a world where some of the greatest technology is accessible at the touch of a screen, exceeding many of our wildest dreams.


The year was 2012. I had just made the decision to come off the road with Air Supply, in order to stay home to care for my father who was passing away of a terminal illness. 


Having always wanted to contribute to this incredible world of technology, my desire to invent something, which would bring greater convenience to the entertainment world, came into being.


StagePlot Guru is just that; The attempt to bring convenience of StagePlot building to the fingertips of stage managers, festival planners, musicians, behind-the-scenes technicians, and the like. We assembled the perfect team to build, what we strongly feel is something useful to the performing entertainment community from hobbyist to pro.  


I sincerely hope you find this app useful. This is just the beginning in a long list of big ideas, which we hope to implement on our StagePlot development journey. 


So, please check in often, as we will always be updating, adding, and perfecting the StagePlot Guru app. And, if you know anyone that could use this app, please let them know about StagePlot Guru located in the App Store.


On behalf of myself and the StagePlot Guru development team, Thank You, and continued best wishes in all you do.


Please feel free to reach out to me or the SPG team at any time. 





CJ Burton

Creator of SPG




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